Faulty Wiring Indications You Shouldn’t Miss 

Faulty electrical wiring is hazardous, and although this should be common knowledge, you would be surprised by how many homeowners still fall prey to negligence. This is why tens of thousands of house fires are annually reported happening in the United States alone. Imagine the figure as well as the property loss in such incidents. Fortunately, such cases are preventable by ensuring your wiring is properly installed, regularly maintained, and correctly repaired by a professional electrician in Lafayette, LA especially when you are living within the area.   

Addressing the issue primarily requires the ability to recognize faulty wiring, and this is what we will be sharing with you.  

The first thing you can identify from faulty wiring is frequent blown breaker/fuses. Although tripping can just be an indication of a circuit overloading, this is also a potential indication of a more serious wiring problem. If it happens because of an overloaded circuit, take note that it can result in fire accidents when you don’t address it immediately. When you have several appliances at home, ensure that your wiring is sturdy enough to handle the electric current. Moreover, HVAC and dryers need to be wired on special circuits because they are heavy-duty and may cause fire accidents when plugged into a normal electrical socket. Additionally, it is not advisable to use several extension cords as it leads to overloaded circuits too.   

The second indication of a faulty wire is discoloration. Discoloration or scorching indicates that there is excessive heat present. While it is normal to feel the heat when using appliances, excessive heat is a clear sign of an electrical issue, and there is no surprise that it is a bad thing. When the heat is too much, turn off the appliance as soon as possible and fix the wiring before plugging anything into the socket.   

The third subtle indication is unusual sounds particularly buzzing. Electric current should produce no noise that humans can hear. You may also experience frequent flickering of lights, which is also abnormal. If you experience this, find the source of the problem and fix them immediately by calling a professional.   

The fourth indication is a burning odor. Burning odor can be caused by different things such as overcooked food or worse, electrical problems. Take note that when this happens, you need to make a fast response as this is an imminent danger and will develop into a fire accident. Anything that gives you a burning smell needs to be repaired immediately by professionals. But first, make sure that you disconnect everything and trip the breaker to stop the electrical current from flowing.   

The fifth most common indication is visibly damaged wiring such as scratches, bent wiring, bitten wiring, and others. Most homeowners try to neglect these damages because they deem them not hazardous. However, any signs of damaged wiring are a potential hazard. If you see bitten or bent wiring, fix it as soon as possible. Or better yet, replace your wiring with a new one.   

Now that you know the subtle indications of faulty wiring, we hope you act as immediately as possible and don’t wait for a fire accident to happen before making a move.