Your home is your safe haven, an oasis where you get to relax and be fully comfortable after an exhausting day. And of course, the experience would be three times better with fresher air and cooler shade. If you like nature, you surely prefer trees within your vicinity or as closer to your house as possible. It just feels so relaxing being near to nature and experiencing its healing benefits both in body and mind. But then you notice some residential trees cut down and you think it is just a waste. You wonder why this is frequent to happen. Well, sadly, some trees in residential areas need to be cut down or else they would pose danger to humans and property.   

Tree removal service in Denham Springs is and in other places is not uncommon. Some trees may be too infected that they may fall off and cause accidents, while others pose threats when storms are in. It is also a common issue that a tree is too near the house that they need to be cut down. In fact, again, it is not recommended that you plant trees near your house. Why so?   

First and most importantly, trees near the house may cause danger to you and your family. Trees that are too near the house are advised to be cut down when there is a strong storm coming over. Strong winds can wind up bigger branches to humans or structures causing damage and accidents. Also, children and guests are expected to stay outdoor often and damaged trees are a constant threat to them. Trees may just fall off while you have a barbecue party or may be playing with your pet in your backyard.   

Secondly, trees can cause structural and foundation damage that can be severe that you need to redo your house. Bigger trees have gigantic roots that you can’t see on the surface. As their roots expand and explore, they will crawl to your house’s foundation, causing damage in the long run. Trees also cause foundation damage because the soil within their reach contracts and expands as they fee on water and moisture in the soil. This causes shifting and cracks in your foundation.   

They also pose threat to your roof. Expect that when trees are near your home, broken twigs and decaying leaves are prominent on your roof. They fall frequently and there is no stopping them. While they seem to look harmless, they actually decay and that means insects and molds hover in them, causing structural damage to your roof materials. Moreover, leaves can block gutters which can result in water pooling and water leakage (if pooling is not immediately addressed).   

In addition, tree roots can crack your concrete driveway. And you will be regularly fixing it over and over again.   

Trees are a beautiful masterpiece of nature. They are harmless and beneficial to anyone alive on the planet. However, we also have the responsibility to strategically locate them in a space that allows them to grow without hindrances. And this is why you shouldn’t plant trees near your home.