Cars are both investment and liability, depending on how you use them and how strategic you get when it comes to their maintenance and repair. Because mind you, this is where costly things come from maintenance. So, if you don’t take care of your vehicle, you pay and pay.   

To the untrained eye, car detailing and car wash are similar and almost interchangeable with one another. But hold up! You are wrong about this. These two have different procedures, costs, and results. Being able to identify which one does your car needs also helps you in reducing unnecessary costs or future damages in the future.   

On the one hand, a car wash is the usual wash procedure you often see wherever you go. It involves the inside-out wash of your car through exterior shampooing and/or interior cleaning. A lot of car washing companies only do exterior car washing, and this happens in automatic drive-through car washing stations. Other companies do interior cleaning which involves wiping hard surfaces and vacuuming the floor and seats. It is effective in removing dirt, tar, and debris from your car that may be difficult to remove by yourself.   

Automatic car washes (those that do not involve interior cleaning) may finish the cleaning process within 10 to 20 mins. and can be cheaper than $5. This is very efficient when you want a quick exterior wash when driving along the road. However, take note that its rotating brushes can be abrasive to your car’s paint and may cause some scratches. A premium manual car wash is longer and more expensive. It may take an hour or two and can cost up to $20. It is recommended to have a manual or thorough car wash at least once a week. This is to avoid grime, dirt, and debris buildup inside the car.   

On the other hand, the car detailing service is more thorough and in-depth even compared to the manual car washing service. They will be washing, waxing, and detailing your car’s exterior for the purpose of making your car as good as new. The car detailing in Lafayette, LA offers a premium service and is recommendable especially when you are in the area. They will also be cleaning your interior by shampooing the carpets, restoring the headlights, deep-cleaning the engine, and polishing the car. If car washing’s primary goal is to make your car cleaner, the auto detailing service’s primary objective is to not just deep clean your car but also to minimize wear and tear and make your car look brand new. Auto-detailing is the go-to service of people who plan on selling their car because detailing definitely improves the resale value of the vehicle.   

Comparatively, auto detailing procedures may take several hours to a day to finish while a thorough car washing commonly takes an hour to finish. Auto-detailing is a premium service so it can be as expensive as $100. Some companies even charge more. If your car needs more specialized or advanced services, it may take a thousand dollars. It is not necessary to auto-detail your car on a regular basis. In fact, we advise you to have it once a year or just when it is necessary.