Bathrooms are generally not given too much attention because they are discreet compared with the living room and kitchen spaces. However, once the guest asks for the toilet, you think twice about it and even feel ashamed of what you have to offer there. While you are not alone on this, it is also more preferable if you put on more effort into redesigning and remodeling your bathroom by availing of bathroom remodeling Lafayette, LA to make it more aesthetically appealing. Let’s say no to feeling embarrassed sharing this space with our guests.   

Here are the top bathroom trends you can try this year.   

1. Spa features – There is a significant rise in demand when it comes to bathrooms that have spa features as they look more luxurious than the classical bathroom style. This spa features include tiled shower pans using mosaic tiles and the like as well as shower doors that have minimal framing and thicker glass. You can also try having quarts or granite countertops as they exude that spa-like ambiance.   

2. Benches and Stools- Stools and benches were uncommon for classic and traditional bathrooms. So long as there’s a mirror and bathtub, all was well. However, makeup vanity stools and benches are now sought. Most designers combine these elements with something textured and soft styles and colors. When used with appropriate textures and other bathroom decorations, these accessories can make a huge visual difference in your bathroom space.   

3. Putting on plants – Since the pandemic, people have become obsessed with plants in different varieties and have used the biophilic approach in different facets of their house functions. Decorating your bathroom with natural elements and grass will not just transform your bathroom’s appearance but may also provide a more serene environment for you and your family members. Most people still work at home and if you are one of them, you can still connect with nature by remodeling your bathroom with a biophilic approach. Moreover, it enhances and improves indoor quality, which is an added advantage when it comes to dealing with bathroom and toilet odors.   

4. Murals and bold wall designs and textures – Modern bathrooms styles are all white and minimalist. However, this has been slowly changing since last year. And now, the plain wall no longer appeals to most homeowners. Instead, they opt for more intricate patterns and colors via hand-drawn and painted scenes or murals. This creates an elegant-looking anesthetic in your bathroom. So shy away from white and elegant designs and shift to bolder, more intricate wall styles.   

5. Mixing different kinds of textures – Texture variety may feel chaotic to some homeowners especially when we got used to minimalist designs. However, 2022 is for daring colors and textures, and this includes experimenting with their combinations. This involves mirrors and thicker glasses, as well as more textures and colors coming together to form a pattern or two.   

There is still a lot to share when it comes to the top bathroom trends this year. However, we feel like these five effectively summarize the gist of the 2022 bathroom design.  

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