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Don’t Grow Trees Near Your Home  

Your home is your safe haven, an oasis where you get to relax and be fully comfortable after an exhausting day. And of course, the experience would be three times better with fresher air and cooler shade. If you like nature, you surely prefer trees within your vicinity or as closer to your house as possible. It just feels so relaxing being near to nature and experiencing its healing benefits both in body and mind. But then you notice some residential trees cut down and you think it is just a waste. You wonder why this is frequent to happen. Well, sadly, some trees in residential areas need to be cut down or else they would pose danger to humans and property.   

Tree removal service in Denham Springs is and in other places is not uncommon. Some trees may be too infected that they may fall off and cause accidents, while others pose threats when storms are in. It is also a common issue that a tree is too near the house that they need to be cut down. In fact, again, it is not recommended that you plant trees near your house. Why so?   

First and most importantly, trees near the house may cause danger to you and your family. Trees that are too near the house are advised to be cut down when there is a strong storm coming over. Strong winds can wind up bigger branches to humans or structures causing damage and accidents. Also, children and guests are expected to stay outdoor often and damaged trees are a constant threat to them. Trees may just fall off while you have a barbecue party or may be playing with your pet in your backyard.   

Secondly, trees can cause structural and foundation damage that can be severe that you need to redo your house. Bigger trees have gigantic roots that you can’t see on the surface. As their roots expand and explore, they will crawl to your house’s foundation, causing damage in the long run. Trees also cause foundation damage because the soil within their reach contracts and expands as they fee on water and moisture in the soil. This causes shifting and cracks in your foundation.   

They also pose threat to your roof. Expect that when trees are near your home, broken twigs and decaying leaves are prominent on your roof. They fall frequently and there is no stopping them. While they seem to look harmless, they actually decay and that means insects and molds hover in them, causing structural damage to your roof materials. Moreover, leaves can block gutters which can result in water pooling and water leakage (if pooling is not immediately addressed).   

In addition, tree roots can crack your concrete driveway. And you will be regularly fixing it over and over again.   

Trees are a beautiful masterpiece of nature. They are harmless and beneficial to anyone alive on the planet. However, we also have the responsibility to strategically locate them in a space that allows them to grow without hindrances. And this is why you shouldn’t plant trees near your home. 

Car Detailing Vs. Car Wash: What Does Your Car Need?  

 Cars are both investment and liability, depending on how you use them and how strategic you get when it comes to their maintenance and repair. Because mind you, this is where costly things come from maintenance. So, if you don’t take care of your vehicle, you pay and pay.   

To the untrained eye, car detailing and car wash are similar and almost interchangeable with one another. But hold up! You are wrong about this. These two have different procedures, costs, and results. Being able to identify which one does your car needs also helps you in reducing unnecessary costs or future damages in the future.   

On the one hand, a car wash is the usual wash procedure you often see wherever you go. It involves the inside-out wash of your car through exterior shampooing and/or interior cleaning. A lot of car washing companies only do exterior car washing, and this happens in automatic drive-through car washing stations. Other companies do interior cleaning which involves wiping hard surfaces and vacuuming the floor and seats. It is effective in removing dirt, tar, and debris from your car that may be difficult to remove by yourself.   

Automatic car washes (those that do not involve interior cleaning) may finish the cleaning process within 10 to 20 mins. and can be cheaper than $5. This is very efficient when you want a quick exterior wash when driving along the road. However, take note that its rotating brushes can be abrasive to your car’s paint and may cause some scratches. A premium manual car wash is longer and more expensive. It may take an hour or two and can cost up to $20. It is recommended to have a manual or thorough car wash at least once a week. This is to avoid grime, dirt, and debris buildup inside the car.   

On the other hand, the car detailing service is more thorough and in-depth even compared to the manual car washing service. They will be washing, waxing, and detailing your car’s exterior for the purpose of making your car as good as new. The car detailing in Lafayette, LA offers a premium service and is recommendable especially when you are in the area. They will also be cleaning your interior by shampooing the carpets, restoring the headlights, deep-cleaning the engine, and polishing the car. If car washing’s primary goal is to make your car cleaner, the auto detailing service’s primary objective is to not just deep clean your car but also to minimize wear and tear and make your car look brand new. Auto-detailing is the go-to service of people who plan on selling their car because detailing definitely improves the resale value of the vehicle.   

Comparatively, auto detailing procedures may take several hours to a day to finish while a thorough car washing commonly takes an hour to finish. Auto-detailing is a premium service so it can be as expensive as $100. Some companies even charge more. If your car needs more specialized or advanced services, it may take a thousand dollars. It is not necessary to auto-detail your car on a regular basis. In fact, we advise you to have it once a year or just when it is necessary.   

The Life Cycle of Urban Wood   

One will never argue the benefits of trees in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They give fresh air, natural fruits, and wood for construction. Trees in commercial buildings especially in highly urbanized cities also undergo cutting and life cycle especially when they are needed to cut down for safety purposes or they have just died and pose hazards. Tree removal service in Baton Rouge and other areas are in-demand, but where do these trees go after being cut?  

According to the USDA Forest Service, there is an estimation of 46 million tons of wood fall in the United States‘ Urban places. The majority of this number is landfilled, burned, or chipped. Only less than 10 percent of wood that ends in solid waste is recycled. On the ground, there is a big volume of mulch and wood chips. In fact, too many to use. Mulch, specifically, decays faster and releases carbon into the environment. Mulch and wood chips are the two most prevalent byproducts of Urban Wood. However, there are still many products that are made out of urban wood including premium furniture, lumber, biochar, and bioenergy. In addition, there are many efforts to treat fallen or cut urban woods as a valuable resource material rather than a waste. For instance, reforestation hubs are made to make tree planting efforts and their maintenance. It is a model that holistically supports the life cycle management of urban trees and forests. Reforestation hubs are slowly becoming more popular; from Baltimore city to New York, Eugene, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia. Moreover, municipal members and new state chapters of the organization Urban Wood Network are helping to make efforts in wood utilization infrastructure.   

Below are the key players in the urban wood economy:  

  • Local government – local government units provide the infrastructure for the collection and reuse of these woods as well as the laws and policies that need to be followed.  
  • Tree companies – these companies are really the boot on the ground as they perform the labor procedure; from preparing equipment, cutting the trees to disposing of them.   
  • Private processor companies – these companies buy the raw material and process the logs; transforming trees from waste material into a value-added goods. They then sell these logs as wooden products of different sorts.   
  • Commerical buyers – this group includes furniture companies, architects, energy producers, farmers, and more. They are an important element in reusing wood.   
  • Residential consumers – aside from using the end products, residents can also advocate for policy changes for the environment.   

There should be a recognition of how big an opportunity urban wood can be. Instead of treating them as waste, there are effective processes we can do to reuse them and take advantage of them for a longer duration. The thing is, creating new programs that could instigate such initiatives can be costly and strenuous. So long as the federal and local government units, as well as other constituents, would make efforts in reusing cut and fallen trees.   

2022 Bathroom Trends You Should Try  

Bathrooms are generally not given too much attention because they are discreet compared with the living room and kitchen spaces. However, once the guest asks for the toilet, you think twice about it and even feel ashamed of what you have to offer there. While you are not alone on this, it is also more preferable if you put on more effort into redesigning and remodeling your bathroom by availing of bathroom remodeling Lafayette, LA to make it more aesthetically appealing. Let’s say no to feeling embarrassed sharing this space with our guests.   

Here are the top bathroom trends you can try this year.   

1. Spa features – There is a significant rise in demand when it comes to bathrooms that have spa features as they look more luxurious than the classical bathroom style. This spa features include tiled shower pans using mosaic tiles and the like as well as shower doors that have minimal framing and thicker glass. You can also try having quarts or granite countertops as they exude that spa-like ambiance.   

2. Benches and Stools- Stools and benches were uncommon for classic and traditional bathrooms. So long as there’s a mirror and bathtub, all was well. However, makeup vanity stools and benches are now sought. Most designers combine these elements with something textured and soft styles and colors. When used with appropriate textures and other bathroom decorations, these accessories can make a huge visual difference in your bathroom space.   

3. Putting on plants – Since the pandemic, people have become obsessed with plants in different varieties and have used the biophilic approach in different facets of their house functions. Decorating your bathroom with natural elements and grass will not just transform your bathroom’s appearance but may also provide a more serene environment for you and your family members. Most people still work at home and if you are one of them, you can still connect with nature by remodeling your bathroom with a biophilic approach. Moreover, it enhances and improves indoor quality, which is an added advantage when it comes to dealing with bathroom and toilet odors.   

4. Murals and bold wall designs and textures – Modern bathrooms styles are all white and minimalist. However, this has been slowly changing since last year. And now, the plain wall no longer appeals to most homeowners. Instead, they opt for more intricate patterns and colors via hand-drawn and painted scenes or murals. This creates an elegant-looking anesthetic in your bathroom. So shy away from white and elegant designs and shift to bolder, more intricate wall styles.   

5. Mixing different kinds of textures – Texture variety may feel chaotic to some homeowners especially when we got used to minimalist designs. However, 2022 is for daring colors and textures, and this includes experimenting with their combinations. This involves mirrors and thicker glasses, as well as more textures and colors coming together to form a pattern or two.   

There is still a lot to share when it comes to the top bathroom trends this year. However, we feel like these five effectively summarize the gist of the 2022 bathroom design.  

We would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section! 

Faulty Wiring Indications You Shouldn’t Miss 

Faulty electrical wiring is hazardous, and although this should be common knowledge, you would be surprised by how many homeowners still fall prey to negligence. This is why tens of thousands of house fires are annually reported happening in the United States alone. Imagine the figure as well as the property loss in such incidents. Fortunately, such cases are preventable by ensuring your wiring is properly installed, regularly maintained, and correctly repaired by a professional electrician in Lafayette, LA especially when you are living within the area.   

Addressing the issue primarily requires the ability to recognize faulty wiring, and this is what we will be sharing with you.  

The first thing you can identify from faulty wiring is frequent blown breaker/fuses. Although tripping can just be an indication of a circuit overloading, this is also a potential indication of a more serious wiring problem. If it happens because of an overloaded circuit, take note that it can result in fire accidents when you don’t address it immediately. When you have several appliances at home, ensure that your wiring is sturdy enough to handle the electric current. Moreover, HVAC and dryers need to be wired on special circuits because they are heavy-duty and may cause fire accidents when plugged into a normal electrical socket. Additionally, it is not advisable to use several extension cords as it leads to overloaded circuits too.   

The second indication of a faulty wire is discoloration. Discoloration or scorching indicates that there is excessive heat present. While it is normal to feel the heat when using appliances, excessive heat is a clear sign of an electrical issue, and there is no surprise that it is a bad thing. When the heat is too much, turn off the appliance as soon as possible and fix the wiring before plugging anything into the socket.   

The third subtle indication is unusual sounds particularly buzzing. Electric current should produce no noise that humans can hear. You may also experience frequent flickering of lights, which is also abnormal. If you experience this, find the source of the problem and fix them immediately by calling a professional.   

The fourth indication is a burning odor. Burning odor can be caused by different things such as overcooked food or worse, electrical problems. Take note that when this happens, you need to make a fast response as this is an imminent danger and will develop into a fire accident. Anything that gives you a burning smell needs to be repaired immediately by professionals. But first, make sure that you disconnect everything and trip the breaker to stop the electrical current from flowing.   

The fifth most common indication is visibly damaged wiring such as scratches, bent wiring, bitten wiring, and others. Most homeowners try to neglect these damages because they deem them not hazardous. However, any signs of damaged wiring are a potential hazard. If you see bitten or bent wiring, fix it as soon as possible. Or better yet, replace your wiring with a new one.   

Now that you know the subtle indications of faulty wiring, we hope you act as immediately as possible and don’t wait for a fire accident to happen before making a move.